Tuesday, February 14, 2012

LOVE: A four letter word

Okay, I just realized it is Valentine’s Day. I don’t celebrate it or acknowledge it as a holiday but one can’t help having love on the mind when it’s on every channel, even my rebellious LinkTV. There are cheesy red hearts and chocolate sales in every grocery store.

So this is NOT a Valentine’s Day bashing blog like you might expect from me.

This is a blog about love and how it can change your life. When we think of love we tend to think of romantic love, and then after that, love for our parents and children. But there is another love, a broader love that can shift the earth:

Love for humanity.

There is so much hate nowadays. It’s spouting from the mouths of politicians and warlords and terrorists. It’s emitting from the thoughts and actions of everyday citizens. We shouldn’t do good because we feel sorry for others: that is not only insulting, but it does not inspire growth. We shouldn’t do it out of sympathy or guilt. We should do good deeds out of LOVE. Love for humanity. Love for our Creator. Love for ourselves.

So whether you celebrate Valentine’s Day or not, there is one four letter word that should stay on your tongue and in your heart: LOVE


A Blog-ver-sa-tionist said...

I'm thinking this love for humanity, could enhance the Civil Rights Act into a more comprehensive act for Human Rights.

It seems the people who represent people have forgotten some simple lessons for other loving people and mankind, I'm just saying...

Muslim Mommy said...

Exactly right, it's like humans have forgot how to be humans. I was just watching a doc that stated, "Globalization is breeding loneliness" The world is getting smaller, but are hearts are beings pulled father apart.