Sunday, September 4, 2011

What will YOUR legacy be?

How will I be remembered? Will they say...

 "That was a really humble sister. She always gave to the needy and was always upbeat."
"She had a great sense of humor and was serious about her deen."
"She was a selfless wife and mother, always putting her family before herself."
"She will be missed."
"May Allah grant her a spacious grave and forgive her of her sins."

OR will they say this,

"That sister was boastful and arrogant. She never gave charity, not even a smile."
"My mother never had time for us, she was always too busy doing things for herself."
"Who is that sister?"
"I think I saw her at the Masjid only for Eids."
"May Allah forgive her of her sins."

Surah 2:156 "To Allah We belong, and to Him is our return."

Everyone wants to be remembered as a "good person." But are we thinking about this fact when we are backbiting, lying and deceiving, being ungrateful, and doing lots of other things that are displeasing to OUR LORD. Are we thinking at all? Are we being conscience of our words and our actions? Our thoughts?  Or are we so wrapped up in all the petty things in this society of deception that we forget what is really important? .... Pleasing Allah! With another Ramadan past, God-willing, we have been purified, and we have become better people. 

I want my legacy to be one of selflessness and charity. One of intellect; both secular and religious. I want my good deeds to inspire others to do good deeds. And I want to be inspired by others to do good as well. I want my legacy to live on through my children and grandchildren, inshaAllah.

Some people believe we are living in  the END OF DAYS. Well, I say my last day could be today or in seventy years, but NOW is the best time to change my ways. 


Anna said...

MashAllah, one thing I believe, if I am not miskaten, every last human can agree to is WE ALL DIE! :)

Muslim Mommy said...

No one can dispute it!