Thursday, September 5, 2013

Conscious Existence: Refuting Fear and Living in The Moment

There is a constant stream of LOVE being transmitted throughout the universe.

LOVE has the power to transform our lives.

As humans, we were entrusted with thoughts, emotions, and innovation. Looking at the history of man and invention, it would be an understatement to say that it has worked out really well for us. However, we cannot get lost in our inventions, whether they are of a physical, intellectual, or emotional nature.

Yes, we invent, that’s what we do. We are architects of our environment and our thoughts. We build pyramids and skyscrapers, and we theorize all day long. Our curiosity has uplifted us above the rest of the animal kingdom. We are nation builders and knowledge seekers.

The homo-sapiens are sounding pretty magnificent right about now. We are animals of mass discovery; a quality fueled by necessity and a longing desire to do bigger and better things every generation. In the same breath, we must also consider the downside to being such intellectually evolutionary creatures. I would say it can be summed up pretty easy: we think too much.

Our minds are in constant toil, living in the mistakes of our past and the aspirations of the future. It could be a strong argument that our intellectual superiority comes along with the risk of not living in the here and now.

Take a bear for instance; the bear forages for berries, swipes fish from the stream, protects their young and hibernates all winter. Oh yes, and we must not forget, the bear will almost inevitably procreate given the right environmental factors. The bottom line is that a bear is going to be a bear no matter what, living a life of complete submission to the natural order of the universe.

Do we submit?

Our intellectual capacity can and will hinder us if we allow it, which many of us do because to live a conscious life actually takes quite a bit of concentrated energy directed at that goal. Meditation is one of the age-old methods of reconnecting with the universe and living in the now. However, many of us find it very difficult to quiet the mind and surrender the spirit to nothingness.

Islamically, Muslims are supposed to live life knowing that ALLAH is IN CHARGE. If one really internalizes this notion, obsessing over past mishaps or future goals would not be an option. Perhaps more importantly, living in a state of fear would not be an option either. But, we are only human right? We were created with both intuition and aspiration. The key is to focus more on the intuition, therefore living in a true state of God-Consciousness.

When we are God-conscience, we are open to receive the love of the universe. LOVE: It is in the vibrations of the wind and the circulation of chlorophyll in the leaves. The love runs fluid through our veins and fuels the beating of our hearts: We are all connected. Being open to receive the love is the biggest gift we can give ourselves.

How do we do that?

Call it the whisperings of the shaytan or call it mind-chatter: it is the gook that plagues us, keeping us out of our own existence. Quiet that. It’s like when we make the intention before a prayer; we must intentionally be present. We must desire to want to receive love, happiness and gratitude. 

The beauty of living in the present is that we have removed the gook that weighed us down, so now we are freed up to accomplish our goals step-by-step, not missing a beat, and the rewards of our hard work will be not in the completion, but in the process itself.

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