Saturday, August 27, 2011

Keeping an EYE on IRENE

Hurricane Irene, biggest in Philly since the 1970s

Hurricane Irene closes down East Coast
Hurricane Irene is on her way! I have been fortunate to not experience any natural diasters in all of my twenty seven years on this earth. All we've heard for the past three days was IRENE IRENE IRENE. Hurricane Irene is the biggest storm to hit the Eastern seaboard in fifty years. It's mere size is dauting, covering a sqare milage comparible to the continent of Europe. Now there are tonados stirring and floods from North Carolina on up the East Coast. I was excited at first. But I must admit my giddiness has turned into nervousnes. It is only a category 1 storm, so many of us did not take it seriously. But when the entire Jersey Coast is on a Mandatory evacuation and many parts of Lower Manhattan are evacuated for the first time in history, I start to worry.


Anna said...

Inshallah everything will be okay, keep us updated.

Muslim Mommy said...

lets see... 5 million lost power... floods everywhere... down trees everywhere... but... ALHAMDULILLAH me and my family were virtually untouched by the devastation! May Allah grant those ease who have been met by hardship, ameen.
Eid Mubarak!

Anna said...

Alhamdulillah you guys are okay! Inshallah the recovery from this will be swift and organized well, I understand it's not so simple,

Eid Mubarak