Thursday, November 4, 2010

Finding Peace through Faith, Family, and Creativity

Sometimes Life seems to be moving incredibly fast. It just seems like we are going through the motions without stopping to think or reflect. Sometimes life can seem to be hectic and overwhelming. At these times frustration can overshadow appreciation and patience. Negativity can outweigh positivity... but only if we let it.

What are the things that bring you peace? The things that bring you peace are the things that bring you joy when your situation appears to be grim. The things that bring you peace lift you up when your spirit is dragging on the ground. Your fire is lit; you are recharged; you are ready to pull yourself up by the bootstraps and face the world with a renewed optimism.

These are the things that bring me peace:

Wudu and Prayer: Wudu is the process Muslims preform of cleaning oneself before the prayer. This ablution purifies both the body and the spirit. Salat is the prayer preformed by Muslims five times a day (or at least we try!). For me the actual motions of standing and prostrating to my Lord while reciting the Arabic prayer brings a tranquility over my being.

My daughter I would be lying if I said my almost two-year-old was a constant source of tranquility! However, the undying love and appreciation she shows towards me is so terrific! And her smile and infectious laugh are instant mood lifters!

Writing: Everyone needs an outlet, and for me that is writing. Whether it be poetry, short stories, journal entries or blogs; writing has always been there for me- a constant companion through the good and the bad times.

Judge Not!

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