Friday, June 26, 2009

MICHAEL JACKSON . . . The Soundtrack of My Childhood

Thriller, Beat it, Billie Jean, Black or White, Rock With You, Human Nature, The Girl is Mine . . . Need I say more? I googled "Michael Jackson" and 68 million websites popped up- 68 MILLION! I don't "worship" MJ, or even idolize him, but his impact on the history of the world cannot be ignored!

On rainy days, the NTA's used to play Michael Jackson Videos for all the students at my elementary school. I remember being in the second grade and hearing accusations of MJ molesting that young boy in 1992. At seven years old, I was simply disgusted with the accusation and vehemently defended Mr. Jackson; my conviction wasn't based on evidence or testimony, just on the simple known fact that HE WAS THE MAN. His dance skills superseded all others. His songs were catchy yet thoughtful; poppy yet R&B, smooth yet upbeat. There were songs for partying: Rock With You. Songs for love-making: You Are Not Alone. Songs for getting into mischief: Smooth Criminal or BAD. And songs for World Peace: Heal the World. There was a song for everyone and every occasion.

As I watch CNN at 3:04 am Friday, 12 hours after the death of the King of Pop, they are talking so much about the upcoming autopsy and the cause of his death. I would like to dedicate this blog not to Michael Jackson's death, but to his life. A life that has impacted millions of other lives. Not a God, but a man, with flaws, shortcomings and talent unmatched. Michael Jackson took his shahada several months back, therefore he is also my brother in Islam- May Allah grant you paradise, Michael.

My favorite Michael Jackson song? Man in the Mirror. We could all learn something from Man in The Mirror.

-Judge Not!


Obama_Drama said...

Prayer goes out to Bro Jermain Jackson and the jackson Family.

zara2009 said...

Here's to you Michael May you find peace.

zara2009 said...

I thought I was going to marry him. He was truly an amazing talent. I can listen to his songs and relate them to a moment or person in my life. Great times!!!!

Abdul Karim (maxim) said...

I understand your language a little, but positive is transferred, I am pleasant to read you I respect also Michael, and it is pleasant very much to its acceptance of Islam. Here in Russia not all about it know.